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Health support groups and health organizations

Health support groups, health organizations New Directory. National and international support groups & organizations, people communities, forums, self-help resources...
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The National Pain Foundation
A virtual community for patients, their families and friends.

Now that New Year's resolutions have come and gone, it's a good time to focus on rejuvenating yourself. Instead of just resolving to exercise or eat right, think about how you can rejuvenate your spirit by taking better care of yourself. Following are some simple ways to rejuvenate your spirit. APF
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Tamika and Friends, Inc.
Raises awareness about cervical cancer and its link to the human papillomavirus through a network of survivors and their friends.

Cervical Cancer Google News This is me.... My name is Jennifer (Jenni). There are no upcoming events at this time. Copyright © 2009-2010, Tamika & Friends, Inc. Tamika & Friends, Inc. was founded in 2005 by cervical cancer survivor and advocate Tamika Felder. A registered 501(c)(3)
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Life Changing Therapeutic Programs
Aspen Education group is acknowledged as the leading provider of educational and behavioral programs for struggling teens.

Aspen Education Group is recognized nationwide as the leading provider of education programs for struggling or underachieving young people.

Breast Cancer Support
Features guestbooks, chat, voice chat, books, and up-to-date research news on breast cancer.

Breast cancer discussions, support, experiences, chat, medical and research information with twelve topic boards.
US & World-wide Get Togethers, Virginia Beach 2001. See Gallery our breast cancer support group for survivors. You are not alone, you have come to the right place for support, information and understanding. If you are new to our support group, please sign into our Newbie Board to the left.

Vital Options
Radio talk show, The Group Room, uses communications technology to reach every person dealing with cancer.

Vital Options International is a not-for-profit cancer communications, support, and advocacy organization with a mission, to facilitate a global cancer dialogue.
Aug 16· 1-3pm PT · 4-6pm ET pet animals and the incidence increases accounts for almost half of the deaths of pets over 10 years of age. Dogs cats get fewer cancers. Just save your pet's life. Animals many of the same treatments that humans do. In fact, certain sarcomas in dogs have influenced

The Morgellons Skin Pathogen Foundation
Non-profit support group for those with Morgellon's skin disorder.

"Morgellons is an unexplained and debilitating condition that has emerged as a public health concern. Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has received an increased number of inquiries from the public, health care providers, public health officials, Congress, and the media
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New York police Twitter campaign backfires badly

People walk by a New York City police officer in Times Square, on August 12, 2013New York police Tuesday were eating extra helpings of humble pie after asking people to post images of themselves and NYPD officers on Twitter -- only to face a deluge of pictures of alleged police brutality. "Do you have a photo w/ a member of the NYPD? It may be featured on our Facebook," the department posted on its NYPD News Twitter feed, hoping to fuel a feel-good, low-cost public relations campaign.

Asia tensions simmer as Obama set to arrive in Tokyo

U.S. President Obama pauses during year-end news conference in the White House briefing room in WashingtonBy Linda Sieg TOKYO (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama arrives in a tense Asian region on Wednesday, faced with the delicate task of assuring Japan and other regional allies of America's commitment to their defense without hurting Washington's vital ties with a rising China. That difficult diplomatic balancing act was highlighted on Monday, when Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sent a ritual offering to Tokyo's Yasukuni Shrine, seen in parts of the region as a symbol of Japan's past militarism. The move strained Tokyo's already tense ties with China and fellow U.S. ally South Korea, another stop on his four-nation tour that will also take in Malaysia and the Philippines.

GM seeks U.S. court protection against ignition lawsuits

A General Motors logo is seen on a Denali vehicle for sale at the GM dealership in CarlsbadPlaintiffs suing the company also filed a proposed class action lawsuit in Manhattan bankruptcy court on Monday, seeking an order declaring that GM cannot use the bankruptcy protection to absolve itself from liabilities. The faulty ignition switch has been linked to at least 13 deaths and the recall of 2.6 million GM vehicles. GM emerged from bankruptcy protection in 2009 as a different legal entity from the so-called old GM. Under those terms, the "new GM" shed liability for incidents predating its exit from bankruptcy, and any lawsuit involving pre-bankruptcy issues must be brought against what remains of old GM.

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