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Health support groups and health organizations

Health support groups, health organizations New Directory. National and international support groups & organizations, people communities, forums, self-help resources...
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Young Cancer Spouses
Provides support for young married couples who are facing cancer. Guides on medical care, relationship, financial issues, and transitions.

Prepare yourself emotionally, physically and financially Readying your home, your kids, yourself Downloadable forms, your responsibilities Help lists, setting boundaries Resources, recommendations YoungCancerSpouses online forum Copyright © YoungCancerSpouses We're right here with you It
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Quit Smoking Buddies
E-mail support group for people who are considering or attempting to quit smoking.

quitsmokingbuddies: quitsmokingbuddies
Group Information Members: 14 Category: Founded: Apr 23, 2009 Language: English Message search is now enhanced, find messages faster. Take it for a spin. Check them out and nominate your group. This is either a really bad forum or a really exclusive one. I am off the ciggs 5 days and I am very

Christians with Chronic Invisible Illnesses
Access to several Christian groups for people with invisible illnesses such as chronic fatigue (CFS), fibromyalgia (FM) and multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS).

Zona's list of Christian e-lists, Homebound'ers XChange, Set Free, CMCS-ei, Just Around the Corner, Underwings, Designed 4 Living, and more.
Christian Lists and Links A freindly list for Christians with Invisible Illnesses like MCS, CFS, FM, MS etc. who share and care. A home away from home! Our motto is: "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine!" To subscribe send a blank email to: Are you stuck at home due to a chronic

Offers practical and emotional advice for teens living with cancer. Includes information on how to care for your skin, hair loss, diet, and coping socially.

Welcome to 2bMe—a site for teens with cancer. Get the scoop on the non-medical stuff you’re wondering about—from skin and hair to fitness and friends. Now U can deal. It appears that you do not have the Flash plugin, so you will need to get the new Flash 5 plugin to enjoy all of
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Pain Recovery Online
Resource for chronic pain patients, their spouses and loved ones.

Pain is no evil, unless it conquers us. George Eliot P A I N R E C O V E R Y O N L I N E A N O N L I N E R E S O U R C E F O R P A T I E N T S, P H Y S I C I A N S, A N D C A R E G I V E R S O F C H R O N I C P A I N P A T I E N T S What are the types of systems? Responses are confidential.
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Transforming Faces Worldwide
A charity supporting cleft lip and palate management around the world.

Every 11 minutes a child is born with cleft lip and palate Transforming Faces Worldwide promotes access to treatment for cleft lip and palate and related craniofacial conditions for children in developing countries. Since 1999, we have partnered with community-based volunteer medical teams to help
Web site waiting for detailed remoderation...

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NASA rover breaks out-of-this-world distance record

Photo released on July 28, 2014 shows the route NASA's Opportunity rover has driven since landing on Mars in January 2004The US space agency's Opportunity rover has now clocked more miles on Mars than any man-made vehicle to reach another celestial body, NASA said. "Opportunity has driven farther than any other wheeled vehicle on another world," said Mars Exploration Rover Project Manager John Callas of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California. "This is so remarkable considering Opportunity was intended to drive about one kilometer and was never designed for distance." Its next-generation robotic counterpart, the Curiosity rover, launched in 2012 and is tooling around near the Gale Crater on Mars.

New fears about Ebola spread after plane scare

In this photo taken on Sunday, July 27, 2014, Medical personnel inside a clinic taking care of Ebola patients in the Kenema District on the outskirts of Kenema, Sierra Leone. Liberia President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has closed some border crossings and ordered strict quarantines of communities affected by the Ebola outbreak. The announcement late Sunday came a day after Sirleaf formed a new taskforce charged with containing the disease, which has killed 129 people in the country and more than 670 across the region.(AP Photo/ Youssouf Bah)DAKAR, Senegal (AP) — No one knows for sure just how many people Patrick Sawyer came into contact with the day he boarded a flight in Liberia, had a stopover in Ghana, changed planes in Togo, and then arrived in Nigeria, where authorities say he died days later from Ebola, one of the deadliest diseases known to man.

US judge approves Clippers sale to ex Microsoft CEO

Shelly Sterling is congratulated outside a Los Angeles courthouse on July 28, 2014 after a judge gives the go-ahead for the sale of the Clippers to former Microsoft CEO Steve BallmerA US judge gave the go-ahead for the $2 billion sale of the Los Angeles Clippers to former Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer, ruling that embattled owner Donald Sterling could not block the move. The ruling by California Superior Court Judge Michael Levanas on Monday came after a three-week trial pitting the 80-year-old Sterling -- barred from the National Basketball Association for life for making racist remarks -- against his estranged wife Shelly, who made the deal with Ballmer. Levanas said the sale could go forward immediately, even if Donald Sterling -- who had challenged his wife's authority to sell the NBA franchise -- appeals. Shelly Sterling negotiated the sale on behalf of the family trust, after Donald Sterling's position as co-trustee was terminated when two medical experts declared the billionaire real estate mogul mentally incompetent to handle trust affairs.

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